I grew up in New York City in the 60’s and 70’s. What a time for music and what a place to be. Clapton, The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, The Doors. They all influenced me from my teens on. They all played NYC and I got to see them and many others. Little known, David Bromberg has and continues to influence me and my music.

            I play all covers. As someone said, “Why write new songs when there are thousands of good ones that people already know”. There are of course, many good reasons. The songs I cover are a big part of me.  I feel a responsibility to do my small part to keep these songs alive. I’ve been getting in to some old stuff like Kurt Weil’s “Mac the Knife” from the ‘20’s and Rochester-born Cab Callaway’s “Minnie the Moocher”. My joy is in watching people sing along and going home feeling like they had a good old sing-along.


  I’ve known how to play guitar for forty years but it’s just in the past few years that I’ve been playing out regularly. I do the open mics around town; LovinCup, Boulder Coffee, The Firehouse. I travel for work and so I also play at the Leopard Forest Coffee and Smiley’s Acoustic Café in Greenville S.C. and at Kahunas and Café Kili in Tampa. I play three or four Friday or Saturday nights a month around town as well.


  I’ve met and played with some great local musicians like Ben Sheriden, Jeff Acker, Amanda Ashley, Bob Politi, Heather Taylor and Sean Regan. We share gigs whenever we can, for which I am thankful. I also had the pleasure of playing with Pete Mroz from Nashville. A great guy. You should give each of them a listen.   I also thank Wiley O’Riley and Don Alcott at LovinCup and Ed and Logan at Boulder. Of course, I thank my best fan, Jackie. How does she listen to these songs so many times? These are the people that have helped me to do what I love. Thank you

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